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Not blooming liquid eyeliner

Not blooming liquid eyeliner

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Product specifications: length 12.5CM
Feature description
Four-claw pen head, this liquid eyebrow pencil has four brush tip designs, and the eyebrows drawn will have a sense of simulation. The effect is naturally good.
Operation prompt
This is a hard refill that needs to be oiled to better color

1. Don't try the color on your back, you may not be able to draw; don't draw too fast, otherwise it is easy to get angry with the eyebrow pencil and cause the refill to break!
2, before the thrush, a good foundation makeup, you can make this eyebrow pencil color better, a stroke, do not draw too fast!

Color:      Black tube 1# brown,
               Black tube 2#dark brown

               Black tube 3# black

               Black tube 4# gray
               Black tube 5#-light gray
               Black tube 6#-red brown

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